I’m Not Anti-India, I’m Pro-Pakistan; Shaan Strikes Back


‘Waar’ actor Shaan Shahid at a recent event exclaimed that he isn’t against India but he is more patriotic towards his own country Pakistan.

According to local media reports, the Pakistani actor said, “I am not anti-India, but I am pro-Pakistan. If pro-Pakistan is called anti-India, then I might be anti-India”.

“Pakistan is a promised land for which our ancestors have struggled a lot. We have written a history with our blood since partition. Some have written through films, others through culture — some adopted political careers. This is a flower bouquet called Pakistan,” he added.

Shaan always know what he wants for himself. Previously, he refused to work in any Bollywood movie as he wanted to promote Pakistani film industry. He also said that Pakistan and India should work together to produce superior films ‘together’.

Pakistan’s veteran actor also asked government to make friendly policies for films. “We don’t even ask our government to finance it. We just want policy – friendly policy,” he added.


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