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Pepsi Battle Of The Bands

  • 1:00:53 Popular Episode 2 - #PepsiBattleOfTheBands

    Episode 2 - #PepsiBattleOfTheBands

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    The auditions continue through the second episode as more and more talented bands try their luck. While it may be a tough call, the judges panel (including Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi and Farooq Ahmed) has to mutually decide upon the top bands who will quali

  • 59:27 Popular Episode 1 - #PepsiBattleOfTheBands

    Episode 1 - #PepsiBattleOfTheBands

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    #PepsiBattleOfTheBands kicks off with auditions of tons of talented bands! The judges are looking for the top bands that will be shortlisted to continue in Main Rounds to battle it out for the top spot. With the winner of #PepsiBattleOfTheBands set to get